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Importance of Lawn Care

Consistent care is the key to achieving attractive curb appeal for your home. It is important to understand your lawns environmental needs and tailor your lawn care to suit the local conditions. Lawns in Kansas City battle an extreme climate and require proper maintenance in order to flourish and thrive.

The health and vitality of lawns greatly reflect on the homeowners. Proper maintenance is a complex process and includes regular mowing, edging, trimming, mulching, removal of debris, and much more. Of course, most simply don’t have the time to devote towards the vital components that lawns need to thrive. The solution and popular option for most homeowners is to hire a lawn care professional.

When it comes time to sell, buyers often make instant decisions about a property based on what they see before they enter the home. Realtors estimate 95% of home shoppers will drive by a house which lacks curb appeal. A well-cared for lawn is a sign for a well-cared for home, ensure your home is being showcased in the best light possible with proper lawn maintenance.

Services We Provide

Core Aeration -
We use a walk-behind plug aerator to remove up to 3" cores from the entire property. This process will relieve soil compaction, improve water intake, & Reduce thatch.

Expert Mowing-

We keep our blades sharpened regularly, to ensure a clean concise cut every time.

String Trimming -

Our crew always trim, and blow away debris, to give your property that finished look.

Spring and Fall leaf removal -

We clean up fallen leaves, limbs and any other yard debris

Edging -

We are equiped to create the "manicured look" along sidewalks and driveways.

Hedge Trimming -

We neatly trim hedges and bushes to achieve a nice uniform appearance, and clean-up any debris.

Mulching -

We offer a variety of diffrent mulches, to freshen up your landscape.

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